Series 2 of Doodlebug Dave's Story Makers reboot will premiere on May 17th 2020 on Doodlebug Dave's channel. It will include new friends, new stories and new fun for Woody, Mario and all of their friends to discover. Three stories are made each night before dawn breaks and the librarian and children returns.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. Musical Instruments (Buzz Lightyear)
  2. Horses and Ponies (Jessie)
  3. Scary Things (Wednesday Addams)
  4. Jobs (Mortimer Monkey)
  5. Colours II (Jessie)
  6. Different Things (Sergei Meerkat)
  7. Happy and Grumpy (Buzz Lightyear)
  8. Weather (Wednesday Addams)
  9. Dancing II (Sergei Meerkat)
  10. Shapes (Mortimer Monkey)
  11. Animals (Wednesday Addams)
  12. Schools and Nurseries (Jessie)
  13. Space and Stars (Buzz Lightyear)
  14. Family (Mortimer Monkey)
  15. Picnic Time (Sergei Meerkat)
  16. Where People Live (Wednesday Addams)
  17. Hobbies (Buzz Lightyear)
  18. Time (Jessie)
  19. Cake Making
  20. Music (Mortimer Monkey)
  21. Berries
  22. New Games (Buzz Lightyear)
  23. Holes II (Wednesday Addams)
  24. Responsibility (Jessie)
  25. Up and Down (Buzz Lightyear)
  26. Mysteries (Sergei Meerkat)
  27. Bowling (Wednesday Addams)
  28. Dinosaurs (Buzz Lightyear)
  29. Patience (Wednesday Addams)
  30. Friends (Jessie)
  31. Grumpy
  32. Magic (Buzz Lightyear)
  33. Scarf (Sergei Meerkat)
  34. Creepy Crawlies (Buzz Lightyear)
  35. Art (Mortimer Monkey)
  36. Cars, Trains and Aeroplanes (Wednesday Addams)
  37. Swimming (Sergei Meerkat)
  38. Bedtime (Jessie)
  39. Wiggling and Giggling (Buzz Lightyear)
  40. Buses (Mortimer Monkey)
  41. Christmas Special 2020 (Wednesday Addams)
  42. Sailing (Sergei Meerkat)

Characters[edit | edit source]



Buzz Lightyear


Wednesday Addams

Sergei Meerkat

Mortimer Monkey

Stories[edit | edit source]

Blue Cow


Tales From Faraway

The Three Bears

Sniff and Wag

Jack Sprat And Treacle Cat


The Poons

Kevin The Spaceman

Barnacle Rock

Camberwick Green

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This series will premiere in May 2020 on the Doodlebug Dave channel.

This series marks the first appearance of Buzz, Jessie, Sergei, Wednesday and Mortimer, as replacements for the now absent Bo.

This also marks the only appearance of the Camberwick Green stories, as well as the last appearance of the Gran stories

Differences[edit | edit source]

Bo Peep does not appear in this series, however, she's mentioned several times in the episodes Family and Scary Things.

Mario is a lot more energetic than in Series 1, and Woody is way more laid back than usual.

Woody, Mario and the various Story Makers now sing songs about the particular story topic throughout the episode.

Jack Sprat and Treacle Cat, Tales From Faraway, The Poons, Barnacle Rock and The Three Bears don't appear in this series onward, and for this series, it's replaced by Camberwick Green, a story about people in a village green with different jobs.

New magic powers for the Story Makers appear, they are....

Buzz- Magic Hand Laser

Jessie- Ancient Lasso and Hat

Wednesday- Magic Spells and Point

Mortimer- Sack of Tricks

Sergei- Magical Charmer

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