Wednesday Addams is a character seen in Series 2-4 of DoodleBug Dave's Story Makers reboot series. She is seen in Series 2 as one of Bo Peep's replacements. Wednesday has a very bitter and gothic like personality, usually having next to no emotions. Woody and Mario often become uncomfortable whenever she's around and would sometimes run and hide if she approaches.

Whenever Woody or Mario would upset Wednesday, she would give them a chilling stare, making them feel hot and insecure. Her special magic ability is a loud ghoulish shriek, commanding an object to appear.

Wednesday, like the other characters, is voiced by Humphrey Johnstone, the founder of the DoodleBug Dave account, she is based on the character from The Addams Family franchise, where she was played by several actresses, like Lisa Loring, Christina Ricci, Melissa Hunter and Chloe Grace-Moretz.

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